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Dr. Randy L. Reese


Dr. Randy Reese practices Family and Geriatric Medicine in Eugene (Eugene-Springfield and surrounding areas), Oregon. Family Physicians can usually handle 80-90% of your healthcare needs; and, when necessary, will refer you to an appropriate specialist. His emphasis is on preventative medicine in order to stave off those diseases that most commonly afflict Americans. Geriatricians prevent, manage, and develop care plans that address the special health problems of the elderly. Dr. Reese works as part of a TEAM with other healthcare providers, to address the natural aging that goes on within the body and to manage multiple medical problems and ensure social support. He has surrounded himself with a group of individuals that is dedicated to provide the best health care available at an affordable cost with specific OPTIONS that are designed to meet each patient's specific healthcare and economic needs. The "hub" of that team is the doctor-patient relationship which is critical to the overall health of the patient. It is impossible to "move forward" in your healthcare without the full cooperation and interdependence of both "the hub" and "the wheel" (team). Come join our team.
42 years Experience
Dr. Randy L. Reese
Specializes in:
  • Geriatric Depression
  • Elderly Care
  • Geriatric Medicine
  • Eugene, Oregon
  • Medical College of Ohio at Toledo
  • Accepting new patients

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