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Grace Szczerbowski

General Practitioner

<p>Grace Szczerbowski, MD, works at a private practice in London, Ontario, Canada. As a general practitioner, she specializes in all fields of medicine and zones in on internal medicine. She has worked in cardiology units, is certified in Poland, completed all required re-training in all London hospitals and finished her re-certification, which gave her the licence(LMCC) to open her practice in 1986. A multiple-award winner for her contributions to Canada's medical care, she worked in the tennis circuit as well.</p>
Grace Szczerbowski
  • London, Ontario
  • Academy of Medicine
  • Accepting new patients

Why does my wife have low blood pressure after her delivery?

She might lose some blood during delivery.

What is the best treatment for diarrhea?

Push drinking fluids and imodium.

Is it okay if a healthy adult misses a flu vaccine?

It is still not too late to get a flu shot, for sure next year.

What is a good way to increase appetite?

Yes, eat vegetables and fruits, and exercise

Why is my mother's blood pressure high in the mornings?

Most strokes occur in the early morning, her meds need to be adjusted at night.