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Ibrahim El Achkar

Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Ibrahim El Achkar is a cosmetic medicine and surgery specialist practicing in Beirut, Lebanon. Dr. El Achkar specializes in the enhancement of appearance. Improving aesthetic, symmetry and proportion are key goals in cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic medicine has nothing to do with these specific areas not functioning properly; therefore, this elective field solely focuses on aesthetics and anti-aging.
Ibrahim El Achkar
  • Beirut, Lebanon
  • St. Joseph University
  • Accepting new patients

How long does skin tightening treatments last?


Yes the treatment is long term.

What can be done for age spots on hands?


Yes, it depends on the examination of the age spot on your hand.

Does a double mastectomy prevent breast cancer?


Yes, it prevents breast cancer. You can take a DNA test before.

Are there any risks with lip injections?


There is no risk.

Is it possible to gain the fat back after liposuction?


There is no risk. You have to be careful with your eating habits in order not to regain the fat.

Is plastic surgery on the lips painful?


There's no pain after the procedure.

How long is a recovery from a breast augmentation?

Hello, it is one week recovery.

What are the side effects of a breast augmentat?

There is no side effect for breast augmentation, and the recovery time is less than 1 week.

Does a hair transplant require invasive surgery?


It is a non-invasive surgery and it is not painful.

What can I do to reduce dark circles?


Lipofilling and Nanofat

What is a tummy tuck?

The tummy tuck tightens the skin and the muscles. It is not painful.

PRP or dermafillers?

The PRP to improve the quality of the skin. The filler is for the volume.

What does Botox treatment include?

Hello, we can use it for the treatment of forehead, wrinkles around eyes, sad face....

What could be the best option for correcting baldness?

Dear inquirer,

A hair transplant is a better and a permanent option.

Thank you.

How safe is a face contouring treatment?

Dear inquirer,

The contouring procedure is safe, no swelling, no bruising.

Thank you.