5 Steps to Break Free from the Drama

5 Steps to Break Free from the Drama
Julie Doherty Naturopathic Physician Hackham, SA

An Accredited Member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society, Julie Graduated with distinctions from S.A. College of Botanic Medicine and Natural Therapies Pty Ltd. Professional Qualifications include: Naturopathic Doctor, Herbal & Homoeopathic Practitioner: Diet and Nutritional Medicine: Remedial & Therapeutic... more

Life is full of challenging moments and if you are building a stable and significant life, you are definitely going to have your fair share of these moments.

But how you manage these moments is what will make all the difference to how you feel about yourself, your stability, and having a relative certainty that you are on the right tract.

You will never know with any exact certainty what is going to happen in your life, but there is a way of bringing about a level of sanity.

1. Eliminate SelfDoubt: You have a little inner voice that speaks to you when things are flowing well or when you need to take a step back. If you are reading this article you are already a wonderful and kind person. You deserve everything that life has to offer you, so doubting yourself will only prevent wonderful things from happening in your life.

2. Eliminate Toxic People, Behaviours and Patterns: Don't allow destructive and toxic people, news, and negative events take up residence in your life. There is no debate here. It is simple! [Learn More about Toxic vs Negative Relationships]

3. Implement the “No Drama" Policy: No ifs or buts here, be it man, woman, or your very own children. If they have overstepped the mark going into the drama section, let them know. Nicely and politely let them know that their behavior is unacceptable and will not be tolerated in any shape or form. This will give them the heads up: Should this continue, you will be out of their life. It is easy if you have to come to that decision. You just don’t return calls and text messages, and delete them from your social media. You may feel this is a bit mean, but it works well for both you and them. It saves any future confrontations or upsets. The answer here is simple. When they say "Jump," you don't have to say "How high?"

You are a kind and caring person, but at the end of the day you are human. If you are pushing yourself beyond your boundaries, allowing people to not respect your feelings or your plans, then it is up to you to back off. You are demonstrating that you expect a level of respect for which everyone deserves.

4. Eliminate Drama by Eliminating Negative, Self-Destructive Habits: Learn how to break free with my eBook “Why Can’t I Give Up Smoking?” This book isn’t just about giving up smoking. It will support you in Understanding the “Why”, the “How” and the breaking free from any negative habit or habits that are going to cause you grief or harm, taking you away from living the life that you deserve and will bring you happiness. Being kind to yourself is the best way to help in being kind to other people.

5. Identify Strong Boundaries: Have a deep getting-to-know-you session as to what you are willing to accept from others and what you are not willing to accept. This is vitally important for your self confidence, your ability to feel good about you, and knowing within yourself that you are living the very best you and you are not going to let anyone rob you of this. This includes partners, husbands, wives, children, family members, and friends. Taking some form of control over how you expect to be treated will bring about a sense of balance, respect, and mutual understanding. The successful way to do this is to understand the boundaries that you have, and not to let people overstep these. You don’t necessarily have to verbalize these, but just have them cemented into your mind.

Stop worrying if someone likes you or not. Worry never solved any problems, and no matter how nice or good a person you are, guess what?! Not everyone is going to like you and, to be fair, you are not going to like everyone. That is OK, because each person has a different path and purpose in life.

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