Alkalizing your Body to Prevent Osteoporosis!

Alkalizing your Body to Prevent Osteoporosis!
Julie Doherty Naturopathic Physician Hackham, SA

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It has been found that in Australia alone, a staggering 4.74 million people over 50 years of age have osteoporosis and osteopenia, otherwise known as poor bone health. Women are also more prone to osteoporosis than men due to the rapid decline in oestrogen levels during menopause.

It has been found that Chronic Acidosis to be the cause of osteoporosis as well, along with many other health related conditions.

Importance of Regulating Acid/Alkaline balance

Research is now revealing that acid base regulation or balance are of vital importance to reducing and or preventing the incidence and progression of osteoporosis and osteopenia. It is with the imbalance of the pH levels, excess acid or chronic states of acidosis adversely affect bone function, growth and density.

How does Regulating Acid/Alkaline balance work?

Every cell in your body requires what is known as a stable living condition to ensure optimal metabolism and to function effectively. The correct acid balance (or pH level) is of key importance to the health of all your body systems. When your body is high on the acidic marker this places additional stress to your kidneys and lungs. The kidneys and lungs contribute to pH balance by eliminating excess acids from the body. Chronic metabolic acidosis, which is when the body is in an acidic state for a length of time, where these buffering systems become exhausted and unable to function effectively.

What Causes Chronic Acidosis?

  • Unbalanced Diet: The most common cause of chronic acidosis is in consuming an unbalanced diet. The western diet seems to be a major cause, due to the high intake of animal protein, combined with insufficient intake of vegetables and fruits, these being your alkaline foods to bring balance to your body. A lack of these alkaline forming foods in your daily diet means that you will have a reduced supply of organic mineral compounds, such as potassium citrate, magnesium citrate, calcium citrate and sodium citrate.
  • Dieting and Fasting: Going for long periods of time either on a fad diet, yoyo dieting, protein shakes and fasting.
  • Lack of exercise: Aerobic exercise immediately removes the acid toxins in your body. This will also strengthen your cardiovascular strength and resistance to illnesses, combined with an alkaline forming diet, will restore your body to its naturally alkaline state.
  • Stress: managing times of stress effectively is important, these are the times that you will most likely steer away from your healthy eating and exercise. Not only staying focused with these two elements will help improve your acid/alkaline balance, it will also help to support your nervous system, to help you cope more effectively with the stressful situation.
  • Age: It is with age that you should eat less, but become more mindful about what you should be eating in order to support your body and your health. Diet and exercise are your two most important links to Ageless Aging. That is to age with Optimal Health, Happiness & Vitality.
  • Impaired Kidney function: The most common causes of impaired kidney function are excessive alcohol consumption, eating large quantities of animal protein especially red meat, processed foods, pastries, processed meats, medications and inadequate intake of water.

How Chronic Acidosis Effects your Bones

As I have mentioned, any excess acid must be excreted to maintain constant pH levels. When this acid surpasses the capacity of the kidneys to excrete it, then the bicarbonate levels in the blood, are used to neutralise the acid. When the bicarbonate becomes exhausted, alkaline minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, are dissolved out of the bone to regenerate this buffer. In the long term, causing demineralisation of the bones, with adverse effects on the bone cell activity. You can now see how chronic acidosis has a negative/harmful effect on healthy bone function and growth, triggering the development of osteoporosis.

What you can Do!

Keep your Diet Simple yet Healthy:

First thing in the morning: Juice one lemon, fill glass then with warm filtered water

Eat 75% Fresh plant foods, include a salad of dark greens, capsicum, carrot, cucumber, walnuts and almonds with your lunch and evening meal.  Eat four to five different vegetables per day, such as sweet potato, parsnips, beetroot, zucchini, carrots, broccoli, kale, spinach, celery etc.

Reduce your intake of red meat, including chicken and fish.

Eliminate processed meats and over processed cheeses

Include one to two vegetarian meals per week, or just a meal of baked veggies or stir fry if you struggle with recipes.

Before Bed: 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of warm water.

Snacks eat daily one to two pieces of fruit, like apples, pears, kiwis, berries and bananas. 150 – 200 gms of Organic yogurt per day.

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