What an Awesome Day: The Day You Realize That Your Parents Are Human

What an Awesome Day: The Day You Realize That Your Parents Are Human
Julie Doherty Naturopathic Physician Hackham, SA

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The breakdown of family saddens me, hence why I would like to bring some light to the repair and reconnection of families.

In my clinic, I see both side: Parents and children disconnected for "no good reason". There are good people missing out on sharing each other’s lives together.

I have wrote this article as support for you in bridging the gap, in reconnection with parents and adult children.

If you are looking to reconnect with your parents then you have come to the right place. There is a phase that, as children, moving through teenage years to adult years can become quite difficult.

Children can become quite agitated, annoyed, and even angry with parents. They can attempt to find fault wherever possible with their role they have played as parents.

There is a sense of normality with this as you (we) are meant to go out there and build a life to call your own, but not as a meaning of disconnectedness.

From both my experience as a parent and as a practitioner, the majority of parents love their children deeply and are still working on doing their best.

There is a release of your children where your responsibility as a parent begins to pan out around 18 years of age, so the experts say.

However this can go on a little longer, but with a transition, not so much for the parents to take responsibility but to believe that they have given their child/children a solid foundation so that now they are able to make their own decisions and acceptance of learning/growing from the consequences.

Learning to love your parents as you become adults needs to be nurtured and found with the realization that they are human. They are people just like each of us. Make no judgement but just love for them being your parents and bringing you into the world. Now, go out and build your life.

Here I help you with that process of how to become more connected with your parents.

My parents have both passed now. They were, maybe, the best parents, but what is being the best parent? I think it is about doing the best you can, after listening and speaking with thousands of people over the years regarding this delicate subject.

For better or worse, your parents are your parents and you are born to them for a reason. The reasons unfold as does your life.

Fortunately, I never cut myself off from my parents and I am so glad that I didn't because throughout the years I grew to know them, not always to understand them.

I grew to know them and have a relationship with them. So that when they passed I felt grateful and comfortable within myself.

I realized that I had become a very strong and independent woman who they could be very proud of.

Did they do an awesome job of raising me or did I do an awesome job of learning from life's experiences?

Life's experiences come in all the various areas within your life; it is learning, adapting, and understanding that life isn't perfect; people aren't perfect (none of us).

It is all about how the journey of life is shared together!

Here is an article I wrote: 8 Ways to Build Positive Relationships that Bring out the Best in you. It is also important to build healthy relationships with your parents and family as well.

This refers to friendships as we become adult children. It is about building a two-way friendship. "Love one another, not because of your similarities, but because of your differences."

Build love, warmth, compassion, and most of all, forgiveness.