Hidden Truth Behind Your Health & Beauty: Connections with Your Earthly Angels

Hidden Truth Behind Your Health & Beauty: Connections with Your Earthly Angels
Julie Doherty Naturopathic Physician Hackham, SA

An Accredited Member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society, Julie Graduated with distinctions from S.A. College of Botanic Medicine and Natural Therapies Pty Ltd. Professional Qualifications include: Naturopathic Doctor, Herbal & Homoeopathic Practitioner: Diet and Nutritional Medicine: Remedial & Therapeutic... more

During the past week I have been reading a little book called “Earth Angels” presented by The Angel Life Guild.

I can remember, right through my childhood years, having what I didn’t really understand properly: angels appearing in my life.

I was open to the awareness that these experiences showed me, that there was more to life than what was happening just here on earth.

Sometimes these experiences were scary, because they just seem to come from nowhere and disappear, just as quickly. Yet at no time was I ever harmed or under threat of being harmed.

As I have gone through my adult life and I look back, there have been many times where I have been supported and cared for by Angels during times of prayer, distress and times when I just didn’t know what to do.

I would pray, or just ask for help or support, and a sense of peace, harmony, a definite feeling of intelligence that I didn’t even know that I had would come over me.

In the physical world, there always seems to be this quest for beauty, only to focus on the external, even to the point of self destruction. It can be so easy to be caught up in the physical appearances of what is portrayed as beauty by magazine covers, movies and what seems to be a never ending search to perfection.

However, there is far more to beauty than what we visually see, to see true beauty with all of it’s so called faults or imperfections, is to see that there is more to beauty than meets the eye. 

The true essence of beauty is found in more than what you or I can see. It is found in nature, the seasons, people’s inner glow or souls. It is often said, “That you will learn more from watching people than you will by listening to them.” I guess that is due to the saying “That actions speak louder than words.” Now even going beyond that, you will forget or maybe even misinterpret what people say. But, you will always remember “How they make or made you feel”.

When reflecting on my life, I can see with no doubts where I have been helped and supported by angels. If you had asked me when I was a young adult what did I want to do or what did I want to become, I wouldn’t have been able to give you a clear picture at all. And, if you asked me NOW, did you always want to be a Naturopath, Health Educator, supporting people to heal and become well, marry, have a Family. I would still say that it definitely wasn’t in my plans in my young adult life.

Yet the love of my life came into my life when I was 18 years of age, I went on to have three sons, full-time study in the areas of Beauty, Massage and Naturopathic Medicine. Now I am going to tell you straight that there is no way I could have done all of this without spiritual help and guidance. My educational background previous to these studies was at a Technical High School where I studied short hand and typing, preparing me for clerical work, which I did do for a few years prior to my Adult studies extensive with the foundational key being that of science. I concluded my studies after 7 years with distinctions, yet at high school, I barely made the grade. Pointing out that during these times of study, I was married with two children and having my third during the course of this time.

Now I am definitely no superwoman, only a person who had had a huge desire that: There is more to life than meets the eye. Before I go on to give you some clues as to recognizing these signs and messages, I would also like to point out that only a few years ago, I found out that in my earlier years when I would have been studying that I had been quite dyslexic, yet I managed to complete my studies with distinctions. “Miracle,” to some extent I would say so, don’t get me wrong, I studied hard, taped my notes and would listen to them during my sleep, I rewrote all of my notes at least a couple of times as well. However, I still feel there was something bigger than me helping to support and guide me through it all.

Angels are all around you, they all perform various tasks to keep what we know as the universe in sync. They take care of nature and the animal kingdom and work at supporting each one of us through times of pain or grief. Most of the time you will find it necessary to ask for their help, support or guidance. Always to remember they will NEVER support you in anything that is harmful to yourself, other people or the universe.

“Dreams come true when they include helping other people’s dreams come True”-Julie Doherty

Recognizing Signs or Messages from Your Angels

Angels often will give you a sign in the way of a getting your attention because they have something they want to share with you.  You may describe these signs as coincidence, a feeling of being pushed, impressions, or also known as inspirations. These seem to be urging you to respond in a different way, take a different approach or maybe do something differently. As you are a unique individual you may receive guidance from your angels in a different way. Sometimes it is a little voice in your head, or you may have been thinking about something and it happens or you are led to where you need to be. Angel signs are very personal in how they speak to you.

Some examples for you from the book – “Earth Angels”

Winston Churchill was guided by these sort of impressions or moments of being pushed throughout his lifetime. Once, during a dinner party, he had a “feeling” that his guests and staff should head immediately for the bomb shelter. Moments later, his home was hit by a bomb – fortunately everyone was safe because Winston Churchill took notice of the message from his angels.

Dr. C Norman Shealy has had constant contact with his angels over his career. Frequently, they simply would appear and speak to him, just like a good friend. In some instances, however when they really wanted to get his attention, Dr. Shealy mentions “that his Angels weren’t subtle.” I know that feeling, I have had times when I have had a firm plan in my head and have been directed away by my angels to write or follow up something that may have been related to my plan but it came out to be a better version, or I have just been steered away to a more important matter or event.

Dr Shealy’s angels materialize or dematerialize physical objects as a way of alerting him to their presence. On one occasion, he explains, he was removing a cassette tape from his tape recorder to turn it over and the tape disappeared right before his eyes. Several friends were witness to this event. Another time a bath towel he was carrying dematerialized from his hand.

Many people claim that they have felt a chill or a tap or a twinge of some description just out of the blue when their angels are trying to communicate with them. As mentioned this is quite different for each of you. For me, I just seem to either get a strong push to do something or a voice in my head just saying that it is OK, or a suggestion or direction, then a feeling of peace and balance comes over me and I just follow through.

How Do you Connect with your Angels

In today’s fast paced world, it can be so easy to get caught up in the busyness and activities going on. To believe if you aren’t actively doing something then you are not achieving anything. This couldn’t be further from the truth, yes you need to take action to accomplish your goals, a happy life, positive relationships. But you also need to stop and take notice, otherwise you may well miss that an angel is alongside of you. A song that will often pull me up to change my thought and perception to the world is “What if God was one of us: That person alongside of you on the bus.” I know for many people the belief in God or that of a Spiritual world can be very challenging. To have a connection with your Angels, you must first make room for them in your life. Even if you choose to ignore the presence of Angels they are still there, waiting for you to call upon them to help you when you need them. Think about how much better it would be for you both mentally and emotionally if you were to attune yourself to your Angels guidance, to learn how to understand the messages they are sending you.

Connecting with these miraculous spiritual guides

  1. Open your mind and your heart: This is the first step to establishing a relationship with your Angel/Angels. Open your mind to what wonderful changes your Angel can help you to manifest. Open your heart to the wonders of beyond what you can see. Angels do appear to people who don’t necessarily believe in them, however such appearances seem to only occur during dire circumstances or sometimes in circumstances where immediate intervention is urgently needed. When you accept your Angel/Angels as companions and dear friends into your life, you will improve your connection and interaction with them under ordinary, everyday circumstances. Your angels are always there for you, but they don’t force themselves on you, unless they feel it is absolutely necessary. Even then it is still up to you as to whether you take on board what they have to share with you and take it on board. It is totally your choice as to whether you accept or ignore their help. It is your choice whether you decide you are ready to include Angels into your friendship circle. What choice are you going to make?
  2. Remain Positive and Optimistic: When you allow negativity and pessimism to take control of your thoughts, you can inhibit your perception and block communication between you and your Angel. Fear, anger, suspicion, scepticism, jealousy and other negative emotions also have the ability to interfere with having a strong connection with your Angel. When you replace your negative thoughts and emotions with hopeful, positive thoughts and feelings, combining these with constructive, loving, kind behaviours and attitudes, you are paving the way for Angels to make their way known to you. Welcome your Angel/Angels into your life with these life changing thoughts and feelings.
  3. Take time to “Quiet”: It is easier to hear, see or feel your messages from your Angels when you take the time to be quiet. Because Angels speak to you quietly and at times through thoughts and feelings, your communication line will be so much clearer in times of quietness and solitude. So take the time to turn off the radio, television, stereo, children and so on. To listen and communicate carefully with your Angel. It is as easy as taking 15 minutes in incremental slots throughout the day. It is also important to quieten your mind, sit still, close your eyes, relax. Breathing deeply so as to let go of all worries and thoughts. As your mind is quiet and free from thought it is easier to hear your messages from your Angels.
  4. Set Time Aside to Spend with Your Angel/s: Not unlike any other appointment that you make, if you don’t set time aside to spend with your Angel, then you won’t. Not unlike family and friends if you don’t contact them, take the time to arrange a get-together, it just doesn’t happen. You may not be aware of your Angels presence the first time you schedule your meeting, but as you continue to do this on a regular basis, it will not take long before you become aware of your Angels presence. During these times your Angel will be trying to communicate with you, you can also communicate as well. You can ask for guidance, insight into a situation, protection or help in other ways such as being more patient, understanding and so on.
  5. Respect your Angels: Not unlike you, Angels like to be treated nice, spoken to with warm and tenderness. Even when you are going through rough times, treat your Angel with kindness and love, sharing your struggles asking for support and courage during these times.
  6. Remain Patient: Your Angel/s want to help you and are happy to make your life easier. Remember that it is not about ordering your Angel to do something. It is about asking for their help, then being patient that the help may come in incremental steps, especially when involving other people, events or situations that you may be asking for positive changes. The help and guidance will come at the right time and in the right way. 
  7. Delete Preconceived Ideas or Thoughts: You may well have spoken to other people about their experiences with Angels, feeling despondent, because you don’t seem to be having these experiences. It is important to remember that each person is unique as are the Angel/s. Also how you might visualize your Angel might be quite different to how they actually are, so instead of someone dark, tall and handsome or beautiful and blonde, your Angel may well be an elderly person or short with no halo or even wings. Allow your Angel to make his or her presence known to you in whatever form they have chosen that will be whatever the best approach is for you. Also to remember your Angel may not make him or herself visually known to you.
  8. Keep Putting in the Effort: Do you remember being told that “Practice makes Perfect?” No different to anything else in your life the more effort you put into building your relationship with your Angel, the deeper it will grow and the easier your communication will become. Over the course of time you will be able to call upon your heavenly guide for assistance whenever you feel the need. It may be something like losing your keys and you will be able to call upon your Angel as to where they might be.
  9. Be Kind and Helpful to Other People: You never know who might be an Angel (in disguise). Angels can be encountered just about anywhere from the homeless woman in the street to a stranger walking into your home or business. I believe the true secret lies in each of us learning to be like Angels. Bringing into each day acts of kindness, generosity, love, patience, empathy and understanding toward other people. Angels really appreciate you and I helping them with their daily work here on earth.
  10. Don’t Dismiss Your Dreams: One of the most common ways your Angels will communicate with you is through your dreams. Obviously, not every dream contains messages from heaven. There is a lot of earthly memories stored in your subconscious. But if a dream seems intense or important and relevant to what you have been talking to your Angel about, then write it down and then work to understand it. It may be a little like a jigsaw puzzle where you have to connect the pieces. If you notice reoccurring objects, symbols, pictures or experiences, then these are more than likely very significant. You can also ask your Angel for guidance and inspiration into understanding your dreams or for assistance for providing more clarity. The more you work to remember your dreams, learning to remember significant messages, symbols or visualizations, the clearer it will become to realize the messages that are from your Angels or those from your subconscious.
  11. Appreciate Nature: Angels not only protect and guide you and me, it is also their responsibility for maintaining and nurturing everything on earth: Plants, birds, animals, fish, rivers, mountains and so forth. Mystics and many other people including many scientists now, have reported seeing Angels everywhere in the world. Surgeons have seen Angels in operating theatres. The facts are that there are far more Angels than what there are physical people in the world. So by appreciating and being one with nature, you are appreciating the Angels work.
  12. Adding Beauty to your Environment: Angels love beauty, true, natural unadulterated beauty. You will attract Angels into your life by creating a beautiful environment, caring for yourself with foods and gifts from nature. You can use your unique talents, yes each one of us has talents. This could be painting a picture, performing music, writing poetry or a book, a letter to a friend. Your talents might lie in being a plumber, electrician, politician, make-up artist, and the list goes on and on as you well know. Anything that you usually love doing that adds value to other people’s lives, your community and family is your talents. When you add this true beauty to your life and your environment, this is extending the gifts of your heavenly Angels.
  13. Cultivating Angelic Qualities In YOU: The common expression used in current times is “Like attracts Like.” This is so true with Angels, just as it is with people. Angels are beings of Love, Compassion, Grace, Gratitude, Empathy and Kindness. Therefore they are drawn to energies that are similar to their energies. When you impart these energies into your daily living those energies naturally gravitate throughout your cycle of life.
  14. Bring the thoughts of Your Angels into Your Conscious Mind: By bringing to your conscious mind loving thoughts about your Angels, you send this message of love to them. The same goes when you send loving thoughts to the people in your life, even to those who have become estranged from you.
  15. Gratitude: A thank you can speak a thousand words, ease a worried mind and mend a broken heart. Each of every one of us likes to be recognized and appreciated, this includes your Angels. Remember to thank your heavenly helpers for their assistance, guidance and support in making your life better along the way.

Thank you for reading this Blog and I hope it has given you a little more insight into appreciating the “True Beauty within You,”

Appreciating and becoming aware of the fact that you don’t have to walk alone,

You will always have a friend with your Guardian Angel

Hush my dear, lie still and slumber!

Holy Angels guard thy bed!

Heavenly blessings without a number

Gently falling on thy head

-Isaac Watts