Unlocking The Natural Born Leader's Abilities: An Autobiographical Exposé

Unlocking The Natural Born Leader's Abilities: An Autobiographical Exposé
Salar A. Khan Internist Chicago, Illinois

Salar Khan, MD, MBA, FACA, FCCP, DTCD, MCPS, worked as an Attending Internal Medicine and Pulmonologist at Karachi, Pakistan 1985-87. Dr. Khan also worked as an Attending Internal Medicine and Pulmonologist, Chief of Medicine, Chief of Staff and Acting Hospital Director, Al-Midhnab General Hospital, Under Ministry of Health,... more

Author reveals how to excel in one’s leadership

Dr. Salar Khan announces release of Unlocking the Natural-Born Leader’s Abilities

This book serves to provide leaders with novel thoughts and ideas from the author’s personal leadership experience that they may implement in their practice.

Based on his observation and experiences from 1967 to 2016 in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and the United States, the book serves as a discussion on the NBL through an autobiographical lens.

Leaders orchestrate commands to people in order to accomplish pertinent objectives and in accordance with their personal principles and intentions. This book sets to identify the qualities and abilities of a certain kind of leader, which I refer to as the natural-born leader (NBL). The NBL possesses innate traits that are refined and perfected over time with education, training, and experience.

I will attempt to illustrate these traits by drawing from my fifty years of personal experiences, and I hope readers will look at this as an opportunity to introspect. I have also designed a self-assessment tool so you may self-evaluate the presence of these NBL abilities and identify where you ultimately fall on the spectrum. Today, there is a widespread lack of confidence in leadership—whether in business, government, education, or elsewhere. 

The vision of a confident leader—that of an NBL—is needed for the betterment of the world.

An excerpt from the book:

"I further attribute my success to the level of confidence I have when confronted with daily tasks. I have a daily work agenda involving a series of targets, or aims, that I hope to accomplish that day. After successfully accomplishing a target in a timely manner, I brim with confidence due to the self-assurance I receive that I can indeed execute tasks efficiently. This results in a domino effect; I am immediately ready for the next target because of this self-assurance that I have built after accomplishing my previous target."

If anyone is interested to read this book, it is now available for sale with several online retailers: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google, and Xlibris websites. Type the book title and the author name to search, and you will find this book.

About the Author

Salar Ahmed Khan, M.D., MBA, FACA, FCCP, DTCD, MCPS, worked as an internist and pulmonologist at Karachi, Pakistan, from 1985 to 1987; as the chief of medicine, the acting director of medical services, and acting hospital director at Al-Midhnab General Hospital under the Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia from 1988 to 1993; as the associate professor of medicine at Baqai Medical College and Hospital in Karachi, Pakistan, from 1993 to 1994; as a surgical assistant, material management, and acting central processing supervisor at Edgewater Medical Center in Chicago from 1996 to 2000. He is working as a program specialist in Chicago since 2000. He was nominated for and has won several awards at national and international levels. In his spare time, he enjoys cooking, photography and watching sports like cricket. He lives in Chicago with his wife and two sons.