I Surprised Myself at 65 Years by Not Wanting to Retire

I Surprised Myself at 65 Years by Not Wanting to Retire
A. David Barnes OB-GYN (Obstetrician-Gynecologist) Holladay, Utah

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Several of my medical school friends had died of cancer, car accidents, even HIV. A few had retreated to summer homes. Marty and Helene had bought a large boat and were texting pictures from their yacht in the Caribbean.   

But I love my work. What is better than delivering a healthy newborn baby for a young mother on December 25, and saying "Happy Christmas"?   

I surprised myself when I thought back over the years that I had never had a serious illness or needed an operation. I had enjoyed jogging, skiing at Park City, cycling and swimming. The idea of a rocking-chair had not occurred to me. I decided I would cover other obstetricians who needed time for vacation, conferences, or sickness.   

At 70 years I surprised myself again when I accepted a call to cover a physician in Sitka, Alaska, for Christmas. Arriving Wednesday I was asked, "Were you aware Saturday is Polar Dip Day?" An elderly gent whispered, "Don't do it! Heart attack waiting!" Three days later I surprised myself by jumping into the freezing cold Alaskan icy ocean, then swimming for several minutes. My legs felt like lead pipes as the group exited the water. A lady doc shouted, "Let's do it again!". I had no choice. Our reward was a "Certificate of Insanity"; however, after a hot bath, my whole body seemed rebooted and I felt 20 years younger.   

Maybe that was why I surprised myself again by completing the Honolulu Marathon of 26.2 miles for my 75th birthday. The reward: finishing the race and stumbling into the waves at Waikiki Beach for the best massage.   

Another telephone call: Would I cover two OB-GYN practices in Pennsylvania for two weeks? Three babies came between midnight and breakfast one morning in Punxsutawney. I thought it was Groundhog Day.   

Weeks later, I found myself the only OB-GYN in a 100-mile radius in Montana. I was along the Lewis and Clark route of 1805. Karl, a good nursing friend who organized small emergency plane evacuations, suggested we support and attend a group of "Wounded Warriors" for the day. Absolutely. They did not need much encouragement to practice sniper rifle fire on targets a mile away and enjoy lunch, and horse-riding was available too.   

I really surprised myself this year by completing my first book, an autobiography, Insanity of Wars, due to be published in November by Xlibris.   

I have reasoned from my exploits above, that while I keep fit, I have a good chance of remaining capable of doing my work for others.   

I know the days and years will continue to bring surreal surprises, but it will be up to me to be primarily responsible (and grateful) for my own good health.