Magic Coins That Keep You On Your Diet

Magic Coins That Keep You On Your Diet
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The Catching Point Transformation

Chapter one explains that most of us exist behind an entry barrier, just beyond which lies a catching point. The catching point is that point in time when the whole thing “catches,” and people have that “ah-hah!” moment. Once beyond the catching point, our readers will shed all of the things that make exercise and diet hard, and finally join those for whom healthy living is so effortless.

Deep down our readers know they can’t pick up popularized fad programs and succeed, because they’ve failed so many times. Until now, though – we haven’t known exactly why.

Thanks to the gastric bypass surgery era, a host of reproducible, metabolic responses have been identified that serve as roadblocks to weight loss success for dieters.

The people who write the popular programs and the athletes who can follow them have a huge head start compared to normal everyday people, and as a result have a totally different experience when they embark on day one. For them the first week is fun and easy, and they don’t feel hungry. They feel refreshed, energized, and healthy, as opposed to sore, tired, and crabby – because they are coasting downhill from the very beginning!

Most of us, on the other hand – in fact 80% of Americans – start at a completely different point. (66) We gaze with envy at the people for whom all of this is so easy. We gaze right past the catching point and never see it. We don’t even know it’s there because the allure of being beautiful, in shape, and feeling good is so dizzying, and because the majority of what is written regarding diet and fitness refers to the glorious experiences of the already “in shape” group.

Sadly, we head off toward what looks like a lot of fun. I mean, who doesn’t want to be fit and happy and healthy? Because of the path we choose to get there, though, we keep failing, quitting, and bouncing back to square one. It’s as if we set our sights on a beautiful castle, and run toward the glamorous towers – without noticing the moat full of sharks surrounding it.

So we end up all wet and disgusted. We give up on this dumb idea to live in a castle (or lose weight, or get in shape) and we climb back to where we started. I mean, after all, we obviously can never accomplish anything like this because of our genetics, or thyroid, or whatever.

The thing is though, after a few months, we catch sight of the castle again – and guess what? We become mesmerized, decide we have to be in there, run towards the moat, wake up, climb back to the starting point, and so on. And for many, many people so goes it for the pursuit of fitness for the rest of their lives. You can’t go directly from overweight to in-shape. It cannot be done. You will get eaten by a shark.

What our readers can do, though, in order to break this cycle of “starting a diet,” failing, starting again, and so on, is read the instructions in this proposed book, and build themselves a bridge to the front lawn of the castle. Once at this new starting point, the great and mysterious secrets that these people seem to know will be revealed to our readers as well. The words and pictures in fitness programs will become understandable to us, and we – after all of these failed attempts – will join the army of beautiful people for whom fitness and diet are easy and fun.