Alvi Armani Clinic Consumer Choice Award Winner

Alvi Armani Clinic Consumer Choice Award Winner
Dr. Baubac Hayatdavoudi Plastic Surgeon Beverly Hills, California

Dr. Baubac Hayatdavoudi is a hair restoration surgeon practicing in Beverly Hills, California. Dr. Baubac Hayatdavoudi is best known in the Hair Restoration industry for his artistic design and natural looking hairlines with unrivaled density and thickness. Visit our website or call for more information: more

Alvi Armani Clinic is the two-time winner of the Consumer Choice Award, winning in the Category of Hair Restoration in both 2015 and 2016.

Alvi Armani Clinic has been selected as the 2015 and 2016 Consumer Choice Award winner in the category of Hair Restoration. Through an independent market research survey, the consumers and businesses have selected The AlviArmani Clinic as the best hair restoration clinic in the Hair Transplant Industry.

The Consumer Choice Award was established in 1987 with the sole purpose of recognizing business excellence for small and medium sized businesses. No other award in North America statistically measures the opinions of consumers and businesses of markets it represents.

AlviArmani for years has been known for its unrivaled techniques and unparalleled accuracy in natural hair restoration results. Since 1999, they have been playing their part in restoring the lost confidence of hair loss patients.

Under medical directorship of Baubac Hayatdavoudi MD, The AlviArmani Clinic provides award-winning hair transplants by the use of minimally invasive FUE harvesting technique and employment of Vitruvian designs in facial framing and hairline restorations.

These procedures differ in the way the donor hair is extracted.

STRIP requires the cutting of a large strip of scalp from the patient's donor area. The incision is then stitched shut, and the grafts are harvested from this strip.

The drawback to this procedure is that the patient is left with a long, linear scar across the donor area, preventing them from being able to sport a short hairstyle in the future, as hair must be kept longer in order to cover the scar. Of greater concern, however, is that the FUSS procedure greatly decreases the useable donor hair, affecting the patient's capacity for future procedures to restore their hair to its full potential.

The revolutionary FUE Hair Transplant procedure addresses these concerns, as individual follicles can be extracted directly from the donor area, eliminating any strip removal. This results in a significantly reduced healing time and no linear scar. The patient has the freedom to trim and style their hair as they please. Furthermore, the lack of strip removal maximizes amount of donor hair that can be harvested.

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Our state of the art facility is equipped with the latest technologies and the most dedicated and trained staff to ensure the most optimal patient experience and results.

In addition to the Consumer Choice Award, earlier this year Aesthetic Everything named The AlviArmani Clinic to its Top 10 Cosmetic Centers in America list ranking AlviArmani Beverly Hills at #6.

People experiencing a receding hair line and are interested in services from this top clinic, can get a free, no obligation, consultation by visiting the AlviArmani website at or by calling the clinic at 866-607-6220.

Alvi Armani’s Vitruvian method focuses on Vitruvian Design – Natural Hairlines, Maximum Density, Strategic Placement and Temple Angle Closure.

This combination ensures every client’s hair restoration is totally undetectable.

Our philosophy at Alvi Armani is that a hair transplant should NEVER be recognized by anyone – be they strangers, or even your closest relatives. Dr. Armani’s Vitruvian FUE method focuses on delivering this for each of our patients.