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Whether you are looking to lose weight,  sculpt and tone your muscles, or increase your overall health  and w ellness, you will find many experts are in agreement that our chosen foods can considerably impact both our health and risk for disease as we age. 

Life would not be possible without the  nourishment from  our foods. The condition of one’s life can greatly depend on which foods they decide to choose.

For Your Weight Management

Fat loss depends on Energy Deficiency

This is true for whichever weight Loss plan you choose, with the goal of calorie reduction and going on to achieving fat loss.

The statistics can be startling.

Excessive body fat is associated with the increased occurrence of cardiovascular disease, cancer, insulin resistance, and immune dysfunction abnormalities.

Thirty-four percent of Americans are obese, while about 32% are considered to be overweight. This means two-thirds of Americans need to Lose Weight. Globally, you will find that a minimum of 2.8 million people die every year, as a result of the complications from being overweight or obese.

Our Global-Disease Burden

This can be expressed as the number of years of life lost due to illnesses.

DALYs (Disability-Adjusted for Life to Years)

Developed in the 1990s, DALYs became a new way to associate overall health and life expectancy during illness or disability within several different countries. This brings the estimation of about 35.8 million for the global-disease burden, adjusted by the years of life-lost, caused by the complications of the excessive amounts of body fat.

Therefore, any weight-loss plan should take into account many secondary pathologies and encourage reduced calorie intake for weight loss. 

The physiological developments due to having this excessive fat can lead you towards unfavorable metabolic consequences on the individuals:

  • Blood-Pressure
  • Cholesterol-levels
  • Circulating Triglycerides (TG)
  • Insulin Resistance

How Can One Easily Lose Weight?

Within many weight loss programs, you should be steered toward changing your personal behaviors. This is a difficult task because it involves adjusting your lifestyle. These interventions usually include lengthy continuous interruptions to your daily routine, with:

  1. Increased self-monitoring and calorie calculations
  2. Motivational self-encouragement
  3. Frequently s elf-weighing
  4. Regular exercise designed for weight loss
  5. Recipes sought for weight loss  
  6. Inquiries  for faster weight loss
  7. Experimenting  with weight loss pills
  8. Fasting  to achieve weight loss goals  

Black Seed Oils of Nigella Sativa—Recommended For Weight Loss (https://nakednutrient.com/)

Nigella Sativa is a flower found throughout India, Arabia, and Europe. However, the seeds, which are regularly acknowledged as black seeds or black cumin seeds, are used in regular cuisine, as well as in traditional medicine for weight loss, inflammation, infection, and even cancer. Today, our modern approach to medicine has turned many of us towards the belief that prescription medications are the way to heal  our afflictions.

Nevertheless, before mankind  uprooted this plant to be transported to our sophisticated laboratories for the extraction of the naturally occurring chemicals, man relied on mother nature, which is the original copyright or patent-holder of natural chemicals.

The black seed oils, recognized from the  plant Nigella Sativa and identified in Isaiah 28:23 of the Bible, revealed the wisdom held within nature, here on our Earth.

Recently, scientific researchers have turned their attention towards the potential role of herbal medicines in disease prevention and management. They are presently investigating the effectiveness of nigella sativa, a very popular herb, showing encouraging results on the effectiveness of their black seed cumin oils with glucose regulation and lipid homeostasis circulation. This means, the models show proper balance.

The current conclusions imply that supplementation  of the Nigella Sativa and their black seed oils are  excellent for the assistance in managing any of the metabolic  complications due to having excessive body fat; as the findings are showing significant  improvements  in one's:

  • Fasting blood sugar levels
  • Circulating lipid-profile

In numerous studies, Nigella Sativa and their black seeds oils have been assessed, observing this traditional medicinal plant  for its lipid-lowering effects on animals.

Also Nigella Sativa and their black seed oils have seized an extraordinary position for its wide range of medicinal significance.

Within Islamic Cultures, referring to the sayings of the Holy Prophet, Mohammad, it's known that “in the b lack seed there is healing for every illness except death.”


Exercise s essential for every single human being. In other words, we could also say that physical inactivity, or a lack of exercise, can result in several different diseases within the body.

Randomized, double-blind, controlled study trials, have investigated 8 weeks of aerobic exercise training combined with Nigella Sativa black seed oil supplementation, showing undeniable improvements within the: 

  • Lipid Profile
  • Maximal Oxygen Consumption (VO2 max)
  • Glucose Regulation


These conclusions are not just for the less physically active, overweight  individuals. These findings are supporting the accomplishment for the goal of the faster, easier, more attainable weight loss plan, for all those who venture out to improve their health  and physical c ondition.

The Verdicts Are Consistent

Recommending  Nigella Sativa and their black seed oils, combined with a mild-intensity aerobic exercise program provides significant improvements in someone's:

  • LDL-Cholesterol-Levels
  • HDL-Cholesterol-Levels
  • Glucose Regulation and Homeostasis

All of which are acknowledged for their influence on cardiovascular disease risk within sedentary o verweight  or obese  individuals.

Exercising  at the correct  intensity  can help the individual get the most out of their physical activity. Exercising  at a more mild intensity allows one to burn fat. 

When you  workout  in your fat-burning-zone, the idea is that your body is allowed the time to enzymatically draw on the bodily fat storage for the functioning dynamic needs, versus, using the more simplified sugars out in circulation.  

Enjoying a mild intensity 30-minute treadmill stride  or perhaps, broken into 3-10 minute low-intensity walks.

This will certainly lead to increased f at loss  and goal a ttainment.

Nigella Sativa black seed oil supplementation promotes the additional lipid profile improvements, helping the individual to participate in an exercise program by a Hypotriglyceridaemic Effect and reducing the circulating Triglycerides and increasing cholesterol secretion into the bile.


For Faster Weight Loss Results

The recommended dosage is to take one teaspoon 30 minutes before meals for the best results.

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