Nature’s Healers The Medicinal Mushroom & Mushroom Extract Powder Benefits

Nature’s Healers The Medicinal Mushroom & Mushroom Extract Powder Benefits
Christine L. Foutch Naturopathic Physician Rock Island, Illinois

Christine Foutch is a practicing Holistic Physician in Rock Island, Illinois, specializing in Holistic Nutrition and Biomechanics. Holistic medicine is the art and the science of healing that addresses the whole person – body, mind, and spirit. The practice of holistic medicine integrates conventional and alternative therapies... more

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The Medicinal Mushroom & Mushroom Extract Powder Benefits
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Christine Foutch-Holistic Physician

Medicinal Mushroom History:

Mushrooms have been acknowledged for their enrichment to our dishes. However, Medicinal Mushrooms have been applied and accepted as a standard therapeutic measure for thousands of years. These mushroom therapie s have been used extensively within Asian countries; where they have been adopted within many methods of treatment. Traditional Chinese Medicine is accepted throughout Asian countries; also it has gone on to become a well-known form of alternative medicine, all across the world, due to its historical and cultural roots.  

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a type of holistic, natural approach to health and the care thereof, which dates back at least 2,000 years to 200 B.C. Termed “Holistic” and “Natural” for the stimulation of the Body’s Own Healing and Defence Mechanisms.

With more than 100-species of Medicinal Mushrooms, they have become known for their therapeutic properties.  The more commonly used species, which have been given that title of  “SuperFoods”, have also been brought into the production of the Organic Mushroom Powdered Extracts, as well as, the combined Organic Mushroom Powdered Extract Blends.

Benefits of Medicinal Mushrooms:

1. The Reishi Mushroom & Benefits

2. The Turkey Tail Mushroom & Benefits  

  • Stimulates/modulates immune functions
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Combats viral infections, the flu, common cold
  • Gives chemotherapy aid and cancer management

3. The Shiitake Mushroom & Benefits  

  • Boosts immune functions
  • HIV/AIDS management
  • Lowers cholesterol levels
  • Diabetes management
  • Aids eczema, prostate, and breast cancer management
  • Combats Hepatitis-B
  • Lowers High Blood Pressure
  • Aids Stomach Discomfort

4. The Maitake Mushroom & Benefits  

  • Aids infertility due to Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), Cancer,
  • Chemotherapy Aid, Fights Tumors
  • Stimulates Immune Functions
  • Lowers Blood Sugar Levels

5. Chaga Mushroom & Benefits

  • Combats heart disease
  • Aids Diabetes and the stomach/intestine
  • Cancer management
  • Aids liver disease
  • Combats parasites, stomach discomfort, and tuberculosis

6. Cordyceps Mushroom & Benefits

  • Aids kidney disorders
  • Aids male sexual disorders
  • Aids liver disorders
  • Improves athletic performance

7. Lions Mane Mushroom & Benefits  

  • Antibiotic properties, anti-carcinogenic properties, and anti-diabetic properties
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • It’s cardio-protective and neuro-Protective
  • Improves anxiety, cognitive function, and depression

8. Oyster Mushroom & Benefits  

  • Maintains blood sugar levels
  • Stimulation of the immune functions
  • Reduces atherosclerosis
  • Aids skin disorders

9. Phellinus Linteus Mushroom & Benefits

  • Regulates blood sugar
  • Aids in excessive bleeding during menses
  • Antioxidant properties
  • Potential anti-cancer and anti-bacterial benefits  

Mushroom Facts:

These highly regarded mushrooms are well known today, though there are more than 14,000 species of mushrooms. Among them, you will find that roughly 2000 mushrooms have been identified as edible. Of those 2000 edible mushrooms, 270 of those species are now considered as potential therapeutic or preventative means that may help ensure health and wellness to our loved ones and to our communities.  

With all that said, I must now ask:  

Is the increased consumption of mushrooms attributed to the pleasant flavors and aroma, of those culinary mushrooms?  

Now, people are continuously looking for more natural whole-food-products with high vitamin, mineral, and protein content, as well as, bioactive nutrients that have antioxidant characteristics.  

Individuals can now turn to the Powdered Extract Blends for the supplementary nutritional option and for the same Nutrient Health Benefits (

The ancient historical importance of the Medicinal Mushroom is unquestionable; as our ancestors have used Mushrooms as medicines for thousands of years. Now, with the new trend of Mushroom Extract Powder, you can simply add it to your morning coffee to include these healthy benefits into your daily routine.

Hericium Erinaceus, which again is more commonly recognized as the Lion’s Mane Mushroom, is having quite the long history of use within Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The biologically active ingredients within the Medicinal Mushrooms as well as the Mushroom Powder Extract, range from the complex Polysaccharides to Proteins with a wide variety of actions within human physiological functions.

The mushroom is abundant in bioactive compounds, including Beta-Glucan Polysaccharides. These substances are known to increase the immune defenses, activate the immune response systems, and improve macrophage and the natural killer cell immunity functions.  

The more recent studies have brought the consideration of the medicinal mushroom and its potential benefits for the use in the treatment of pulmonary diseases and cancer.  

To further that statement, the Medicinal Mushrooms have been approved additions to standard cancer treatments within Japan, as well as, China for more than 30 years, while having quite the extensive clinical history as a safe single agent or combined with Radiation Therapy and Chemotherapy.

Mushrooms may be the desired ideal food because

The sugars, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and other various nutrients and medicinal substances lie within the mushroom, which is highly active and endurable for the human body.

These therapeutic medicinal procedures can be as simple as making your daily cup of coffee or tea (

Starting your day out with scientific validation of traditional knowledge; as the data exhibits the many positive impacts of consuming mushrooms for health.

Virtually all the edible mushrooms are observed for their polysaccharide components. As I said before, these nutrient elements have been announced to play a vital role within the stimulation of the immune system responses and the applications within the management of cancer.  

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