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Dr. Claudewell S. Thomas Psychiatrist

Claudewell S. Thomas, MD, MPH, DLFAPA, is an established psychiatrist who is currently retired. He received his medical degree in 1956 at SUNY Downstate College of Medicine and specializes in social psychiatry, public health psychiatry, and forensic psychiatry. Dr. Thomas was board certified by the American Board of Psychiatry... more

As I sit and reflect upon the events of the last few weeks, I also take note of some inactivity based personal physical decline. My elliptical machine, stationary bicycle, hand weights, etc., can't be used to the max because of age-related exercise risk and do not make up for long walks. This brings me back to unexercised muscles and rights in the public sphere and the flooding of the streets by first amendment advocates and opponents pursuant to the murder of George Floyd. Most of the marches have been peaceful in the USA and around the world except where police, national guard, and prison guard (Texas Prison) have been ordered to "dominate the streets".

The military (past and present) has responded with a general rejection of the use of active-duty troops against their fellow citizens. Leaving all of us to wonder about the origin and authorization of a multiple sourced Praetorian guard summonable on Presidential request by Attorney General Barr and under his command. That's attorney general, not General. Meanwhile, the abandonment of Covid-19 by the administration is events are now being scheduled with disclaimers of responsibility for covid illness, while requiring demasking and abolition of social distancing.

V.P. Pence is prominent in the preparation for a Milwaukee rally sans mask and distancing. POTUS is readying for a Tulsa rally on the anniversary of the massacre of blacks in their relatively prosperous segregated community circa 1920. Bellowing "dominate the streets or I will do it for you" and proclaiming 2nd amendment rights equivalent to 1st amendment rights and less subject for abuse. The President is clearly elevating a dog whistle to a clarion call for racism and proto-Nazi behavior to keep him in power.

Is this madness? Probably not, but it has the markings of severe personality disorder (narcissistic personality disorder) and indicates that this man will never willingly give up what he regards as his throne. Meanwhile, the virus strengthens its grip on the nation, 14 states that have opened up are showing steep increases in death while a total of 23 show increased infection. The economic impact is now predicted to be 2 to 10 years and is reflected in yesterday's steep market (US) decline.