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Justin Y. Shin


Dr. Justin Shin is an acupuncturist practicing in San Francisco, CA. A leader in the field of Integrative Medicine, Dr. Shin was the 1st acupuncture student at UCSF as an intern. He is now a medical resident at Highland Hospital (Oakland, CA) in the Integrative Medicine Department within Internal Medicine. He is a passionate primary provider caring for each and every patient. His background in pharmacy and the FDA gives him a firm understanding in both eastern and western medicine. He uses acupuncture, electric stimulation & cupping advanced techniques to provide relief from pain and stress. He has an interest in neurological conditions as he is obtaining his fellowship in neurology.
4 years Experience
Justin Y. Shin
Specializes in:
  • Acupuncture
  • stress
  • Cupping Therapy
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Accepting new patients

What Is Qi?

What Is Qi?

Have you ever gone to an acupuncturist, or watched Kung Fu Panda, or heard of the word 'Qi' in a passing conversation? Ever wondered what that term means? Well I will help you...