Butt Thread Lift: Does It Work?

Butt Thread Lift: Does It Work?
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The butt thread lift is a new procedure that is being used by some surgeons and practitioners to treat saggy buttocks. There is no doubt that the buttocks are among the most important aesthetic areas of the female body. Aesthetic flaws in the buttocks can affect the self-esteem and quality of life of many women. One of the common aesthetic problems in the butt is buttock sagging.

There are different treatments for saggy buttocks that can effectively make the butt firmer, youthful, and toned. The buttock lift is one of the most effective and commonly performed procedure to treat saggy buttocks; however, now a new procedure has made it to the market, which is known as a butt thread lift. Whether the procedure can effectively lift your butt remains to be answered.

Does the butt thread lift work?

Proponents of the butt thread lift claim the procedure is specifically developed to make the butt firmer and youthful. The procedure involves the use of specially designed threads to make the butt firmer and rounder. The threads bear knots that are coated with special cones that make it possible to place the threads comfortably and with minimum pain inside the butt.

While the supporters of this procedure argue that it provides effective and reliable aesthetic outcomes, majority of plastic surgeons agree that the results of butt thread lift are not sustainable and do not provide noticeable improvements. The butt thread lift has failed to satisfy most patients. If you are seeking a reliable treatment for your saggy butt, you should consider the standard or traditional butt lift instead.

The thread lift procedure is new, and now many patients have undertaken the intervention. Originally the thread lift has been used to treat the face. Those who have undergone the facial thread lift procedure report achieving mixed results. This happens because the weight of the soft tissues that are lifted through the thread lift in the face does not have much weight. This has led to success in some patients.

However, when it comes to the buttocks, the weight of the soft tissues is greater. There is no doubt that the buttocks are heavy and they cannot be significantly and sustainably lifted with threads. The buttocks are too large, and the butt muscles are too heavy for a thread to lift and bear. Most board-certified plastic surgeons advise patients to avoid the butt thread lift because it cannot deliver you bigger or shapelier buttocks.

In order to understand why the butt thread lift is not reliable, you need to know what the surgery actually involves. So, let’s discuss what the procedure actually entails.

What does the butt thread lift involve?

The butt thread lift surgery is performed in two sessions. During the first session, the doctor will mark the areas on your butt for placement of the threads. In the next step, photos of your butt will be taken. This session is performed under local anesthesia or pain medication.

The butt and the lower rear region is then cleaned, prepared, and draped for the procedure. Local anesthesia will be introduced in the region above the crease between the butt and the outlet area of each thread. Next, a tiny incision will be placed above the crease between the butt, which will be followed with the placement of a spreader to let the doctor easily access the interior of the butt.

The threads will then be inserted via the incisions and placed inside the butt along the lines that were marked at the start of the surgery. The doctor will pass the threads across the area that contains fat, especially the areas of the skin and the muscles. After placing all the threads in the intended locations, the butt will be smoothed to prevent depressions. The same process will be repeated on the other buttock.

The threads will be tied to the same thread on the other butt, and all the threads will be made into a tiny pack and packed into the incisions. The incisions will be sutured and closed. You will then be advised to visit the doctor after three months for the second session of the procedure.

During the three months, a scar will develop that will ensure that the threads are strong enough. During the second session, pictures of your butt will be taken, and the butt will be prepared for surgery. The scar resulting from the first session will be removed, and the site will be opened up. The threads will then be released, and the knots will be opened. After releasing all of the threads, they will be tightened by pulling them, which will lift the butt. This will give the butt new shape and youthfulness. The incisions are then sutured and closed.

So, will all of these complexities and the wait of 3 months deliver the desired results? Is it worth it? Will the results remain with you forever? The answers to these questions are unfortunately in the negative. The reality is that the threads are not strong enough to bear the heavy weight of the buttocks. Hence the results will be negligible.

Secondly, the results are not sustainable. You will notice that your butt has become saggy again after a few weeks or months. The threads cannot bear the gravitational force and pressure for long. The results are not worth the sophistication of the procedure, the cost, and the wait. You should consider undergoing a traditional butt lift if your butt is severely saggy. If your butt is mildly or moderately saggy, you should consider butt implants or Brazilian butt lift surgery.


The butt thread lift is a new procedure that is being used by some doctors to lift saggy buttocks. Proponents claim it can deliver effective and reliable outcomes. The reality is that the results achieved via this procedure are not reliable and sustainable. How it is not sustainable and reliable have been discussed in detail above. Learn more about Butt Lift.