You are NOT what you Thought; 10 Proven Steps for Conquering Chronic Illness

Lorelei K. Kalua Dietitian-Nutritionist | Nutrition, Education Denver, CO

Lorelei Kalua C.H.C. C.H.N. practices Natural Health and Holistic Nutrition in Denver, CO. Lorelei Kalua has received an education on and advises people on matters of Natural Health and Holistic Nutrition, as both impact ultimate wellness. She has been providing consultation and guidance to individuals for the past 19 years... more

Aloha and welcome! Please allow me to share just a little about why I wrote this book. 

I spent 24 years providing direct patient care to individuals suffering from acute and chronic illnesses in hospitals, nursing homes, private homes, and private medical offices. I have worked on nearly every patient floor in three different hospitals. I have seen nearly every type of illness and disease our society faces today. During my years of caring for the ill and diseased, I wondered why the number of people suffering from illness continues to rise every year when we’ve seen such advancements in science, testing, screening, surgery, and medication.

Then it dawned on me and I suddenly realized that the current state of our healthcare industry, being driven by the pharmaceutical companies and medical facilities, is teaching people how to be sick instead of how to be well. It offers, not the cure, but, only the diagnostics and treatment methods through which one can cope with the misery of the symptoms they are suffering from. 

Watching our population suffer to such a massive extent inspired me to develop a simple 10 step plan to help people understand wellness and conquer chronic illness.

Stepping back to look at the big picture, it's simple to recognize several things that seem to accelerate the spread of illness and disease. 1. We live at a much faster pace today, which has increased our level of stress and driven us to create methods of convenience. 2. We have developed all sorts of chemical warfare against insects to improve crop yields and feed the masses, which has ultimately corrupted our food chain and poisoned our food. 3. Most of our population lives and works in large cities, resulting in very few people owning gardens to feed their families. This means most food is bought at a supermarket, leaving the masses to the mercy of corporate America, who is focused on money, not health. This is a dangerous position.  

I think back a few hundred years when this country belonged to the Native Americans and the land was cared for with respect. Animals were hunted only as needed and the entire animal was used for the benefit of all. Streams were pure and fish were healthy. These people took from the streams and lakes only what they needed for that day. The things they couldn’t hunt were gathered freely from the earth. The only source of transportation was on foot or horseback. Exercise was a way of life. They were in harmonious sync with the earth and the nature around them. That was a safe position.

So, I went back to school. I began to look again at the basics and the natural state of the human body. I wanted to understand our human machine and simplify its inner workings so that the readers and listeners of this book could easily understand how their body works. If you can understand a few simple facts about how your body behaves, you can initiate your own restoration to health. 

The book, "You are NOT what you Thought", offers a basic understanding of how your body works, why it creates illness and disease, and how to initiate restoration to health in 10 simple steps.

These steps may challenge your beliefs and your lifestyle as they highlight truth. People often respond with, “I do what I want, and I eat how I want.” These 10 steps are simple but may not feel easy. They are however, specially designed for anyone suffering from chronic illness and/or chronic pain who desires a better life.     

I encourage you to open your mind as you go through this book and discover that YOU are NOT what You THOUGHT! - that restoration to health IS possible!