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What is a Virtual Doctor Visit?

A virtual doctor visit has become part of the norm with the recent outbreak of COVID-19. Due to the interests of public health and safety, in-person evaluations are reserved for the evaluation and treatment of emergent conditions including COVID-19. With most of us spending our time at home away from work and school, individuals are eager to take advantage of some of the extra time and schedule non-urgent visits with their doctors. Virtual consultations provide that avenue and allow for full interaction with your doctor from the comfort of your home.

The consultations can be performed with any desktop computer, laptop or smartphone with capability for audio/visual communication. Today, we are seeing that the vein doctor has embraced this new technology and we are hopeful that some of this change is here to stay for good. Virtual consults allow anyone to vet the doctor of their choice before making an in-person visit. You can be as picky as you want before settling on the best vein specialist for you.

Benefits of a Virtual Doctor Visit

  • Currently, due to the COVID-19 outbreak in the United States that has severely affected both NJ and NY, virtual consults eliminate the need for leaving your home.
  • Full and thorough evaluations at your convenience with the doctor of your choosing.
  • Take advantage of free time to settle the concerns you had about your vein disease, including varicose and spider veins.
  • No wait times! Your scheduled appointment is made in advance and dedicated to your schedule.
  • Video communication allows the vein specialist to get a complete appreciation of your varicose and spider veins.
  • If your vein disease is considered significant and needs further evaluation, additional tests can be scheduled without making unnecessary trips.
  • Covered by medical insurances.

Frequently Asked Questions
Does the evaluation have to be using telemedicine?
Some vein centers have to take additional steps to accommodate patients without telemedicine access to still interact with the doctor using web-based forms. Although it does not allow real-time interaction, interested individuals can submit their concerns and questions to the vein doctor. These questions are answered promptly and allow patients to schedule an in-person or teleconsultation at their convenience.

Are Virtual Consults covered by Insurance?
Online consultations are treated in the same way as in-person evaluations. The coverage is equivalent and in some cases, cost-sharing can be waived (depending on your plan).  

How are Virtual Consults Performed?
The virtual consultation will feel similar to any other visit. You will be called by the front desk before your scheduled time to verify demographics and provide any assistance you may require to log-in. In the exam room portal, you will meet with the vein doctor to discuss your symptoms, medical history, and other important details relevant to your care. Next, a physical examination will focus on visual identification of any spider veins, varicose veins, ulcerations, swelling, skin discoloration, phlebitis, and corona phlebatica.

Your vein doctor may also ask you to perform some self-maneuvers to assist with the evaluation. Based on this information, the vein doctor will determine the need for any additional testing or treatment recommendations. These will be scheduled once again with the office staff and will be an in-person evaluation. At that time, you will again have an opportunity to meet the doctor.

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