Smile Big On Your Big Day!

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You are the center of attention on your wedding day. You want to look your absolute best for this momentous day. This includes wearing the right dress, having the right flowers, and having your hair done just right. But what about your smile? A smile may be overlooked but it will be the center of your wedding picture. A white, bright smile will give you even more confidence and self-esteem on your big day.

Options For A Brighter, Whiter Smile On Your Big Day

– Teeth Whitening. There are plenty of teeth whitening options. They are mainly broken down into two types, at home treatments and those done in a dentist's office. The most effective and efficient teeth whitening is done in a dental office. Teeth whitening can have a dramatic effect on your smile for a relatively low cost and minimal time involved.

– Dental Implants. Missing teeth can make you feel uncomfortable when smiling for your wedding photos. Replacing lost teeth can be done with very natural results. Dental implants are a great way to achieve cosmetic enhancement, strength, and durability. Dental implants can be used to replace a single tooth or multiple teeth. The best part is, once restored, the dental implants should last long after your big day.

– Dental Bonding. This cosmetic dentistry procedure involves using tooth-colored materials that can be bonded to the teeth to change color, shape, and length. This same material can also be used to fully cover the front surface (referred to as a composite veneer). Dental bonding can generally be completed in one visit and makes dramatic changes to your smile.

– Porcelain Veneers. While the initial cost is higher than the other cosmetic dentistry options, this may be cost effective if extensive changes need to be made. Porcelain veneers can change color, shape, and length, and even correct minor misalignments of teeth. This will last a long time, be stain-resistant, and is a very strong, natural looking material. If this is an option for your big day, you will need to plan in advance as time is needed to complete the lab work.

– Porcelain and Zirconia Crowns. These types of crowns are the strongest and most cosmetic options available. They are made from modern dental porcelains that range in strength and aesthetics. If placed properly, no one should ever be able to tell a porcelain crown from a natural tooth. Modern porcelains possesses strength, color properties, and light reflection properties that very closely mimic natural teeth. Porcelain crowns can be used to change bite alignment issues as well as change alignment of front teeth which are more extreme such as those issues that porcelain veneers alone cannot fix. More natural tooth structure needs to be removed in preparing a porcelain crown vs a porcelain veneer.

– Snap On Smile. This is a quick, conservative way to improve your smile without permanent dental work. All that is required is having your dentist take impressions of your teeth, choose a color, and the dentist sends them to a lab to have your custom snap on smile fabricated. Once the snap on smile is created, you simply clean your teeth, apply a fluoride gel inside, and slip it on over your teeth. You can talk, eat and smile with it all day long.

– Gum Contouring. For those with a gummy smile, this can be a real confidence booster. This cosmetic dentistry procedure is generally completed in one visit and can give incredible results for many with an overly gummy smile. Gum contouring simply removes the excess gum tissue and reshapes the gums to ensure you obtain the desired look. For some, this may require reduction of bone, in this case, it is recommended that you see a periodontal surgeon.

– Tooth Recontouring. Changing the shape or alignment of teeth in a minor way can have a dramatic effect on a persons smile. Tooth re-contouring involves removing small amounts of tooth structure from edges of teeth to correct a tooth that might be misshapen or slightly misaligned.

– Orthodontic Treatment. Minor tooth movement can be utilized by your cosmetic dentist to bring your smile in line and allow for better harmony between your smile and function.

Your Wedding Day Smile 

Your wedding day should be one that is worry-free and allows you to smile freely. You will remember this day for a lifetime, so make it one worth remembering.