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Dr. Ryan Michael Murphy, D.P.M.

Podiatrist (Foot and Ankle Specialist)

Dr. Ryan Murphy is a podiatrist practicing in Sterling Heights, MI. Dr. Murphy is a medical doctor specializing in the treatment of the foot , ankle and related parts of the leg. As a podiatrist, Dr. Murphy diagnoses and treats conditions of the feet. The feet are key body parts that give a person stability, absorb shock, allow for walking and standing and are necessary for overall well-being. So, the feet need expert care. Podiatrists can specialize in surgery, wound care, sports medicine, diabetic care and pediatrics.
Dr. Ryan Michael Murphy, D.P.M.
Specializes in:
  • Flat foot
  • Foot Doctor
  • Foot Diseases
  • Foot Disorders
  • Sterling Heights, MI
  • Accepting new patients

Don’t Ignore Flat Feet

Don’t Ignore Flat Feet

Treatment and prevention of adult flatfoot can reduce the incidence of additional foot problems such as bunions, hammertoes, arthritis and calluses, and improve a person’s overall...