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10 Signs You May Be About to Have a Heart Attack

1. Cold sweat or excessive sweating usually indicates that your arteries are clogged.

Excessive sweating can sometimes be an early sign of heart disease. This is especially true if you’re sweating more than normal, even when you haven’t been exercising or engaging in more physical activity.

The blood pumps through the arteries to get to the heart. When the arteries are clogged, the heart needs to work harder to pump blood. To compensate for this extra effort, the body sweats to keep the body temperature from getting too elevated. If you’ve been noticing cold sweats or excessive sweating, it’s important to notify your doctor to ensure these problems aren’t being caused by a heart condition.

Night sweats can also be a sign of heart issues, and this symptom is especially common among women. In some cases, women experiencing night sweats assume it’s a symptom of menopause, when it may actually be a symptom of heart disease.

If your night sweats are so severe that they interrupt your sleep, or you wake up in the night with your sheets and clothes drenched in sweat, it might be a sign you’re having a heart attack. Night sweats are more common signs of heart attacks in women than in men.

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