10. A heavy feeling in your stomach is not just a sign of heartburn. It could be a sign of something more serious.

Many of us have experienced heartburn at some time or another, especially after overindulging in particularly fatty or spicy foods. However, there are times when that heavy feeling in your stomach is the result of something more serious. In fact, heaviness in the stomach can even be a symptom of a heart attack.

Chest pain is sometimes caused by a heart attack or angina, which is inadequate blood flow to the heart. The sensations of heartburn, angina, and the chest pain associated with a heart attack are surprisingly similar. Sometimes, even doctors can’t tell the difference through a physical exam and a review of your medical history alone. For that reason, any time someone goes to the emergency room complaining of chest pain, tests are immediately performed to rule out whether the cause is a heart attack.

If you’re experiencing prolonged pressure or pain in the upper abdomen and/or chest and are unsure whether it’s heartburn, seek emergency medical treatment.