4. Jaw pain or a toothache could be the only symptom you experience.

Believe it or not, jaw pain or even a toothache can sometimes be signs of a potentially serious heart condition. Pain in the lower, left side of one’s jaw is particularly common in heart attack patients with jaw pain.

Heart pain occurs when not enough blood is able to flow to the heart. Although this pain or discomfort is typically felt in the chest, it can also occur in other parts of the body. Some people experience jaw pain during a heart attack in the absence of chest pain. If you’re experiencing jaw pain and are worried you might be having a heart attack, your doctor will consider the other signs and symptoms you’re experiencing as well as your medical history to determine whether your jaw pain might be the result of a heart attack.

The most likely scenario is that your jaw pain is being caused by something other than a heart attack, but if you have risk factors for heart problems and are experiencing other symptoms of a possible heart attack as well, it might be wise to seek medical treatment right away.