8. Upper back pain is likely related to a heart attack if you physically exert yourself.

Back pain is a common malady, and in most cases, back pain is caused by something other than a heart attack. However, upper back pain can sometimes be a side effect of a heart attack, especially among women.

Heart issues aggravate nerves in the chest region, but sometimes you feel the pain or discomfort associated with heart problems in other regions of the body.

In many cases, upper or lower back pain begins in the chest before spreading to the back. Upper back pain is more likely to be related to a heart attack if the pain gets worse with physical exertion then goes away when you stop exerting yourself. At times, though, this pain can come on suddenly, even when you’re at rest. You might even wake up during the night due to upper back pain. Vague upper back pain that can’t be attributed to a specific joint or muscle might also be heart-related.