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Sleep Apnea Is a Heartbreaker

Here are several ways to improve your quality of sleep

Of course it is relatively common for people to wake up and feel sleepy. This is not a definite for identifying someone for sleep apnea (but it is one for identifying someone who is not a morning person). Here are some ways to improve one’s sleep quality. If none of these adjustments make a difference, consider seeing your doctor for medical attention.

  • Make time for regular physical activity or exercises. Try to do it during the day rather than right before bed, because the adrenaline spike from the exercises session will keep anyone awake past their bed time.
  • Try to keep the drink maximum at one drink a day. Excessive alcohol can negatively affect one’s sleep schedule.
  • Keep away from anything caffeinated three hours before bed.
  • Start a bedtime routine with relaxing activities, like warm baths, herbal tea, or sleep-centric meditation.