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Sleep Apnea Is a Heartbreaker

Sleep apnea treatment can help bring down your blood pressure

A lot of people go to sleep studies in order to get a definite diagnosis for their sleep apnea. During a sleep study, a doctor will take note of the lapses in breathing in order to figure out the severity of the disorder. If a person experiences five to 15 episodes per hour, their sleep apnea is characterized as mild. If a person experiences 15 to 30 episodes per hour, they have moderate sleep apnea. If a person experiences over 30 episodes an hour, they are identified as people with severe sleep apnea.

Things are looking bright for improving treatments for sleep apnea. There is a treatment that forces the breathing passages to stay open, which allows for oxygen to flow. This allows quick, and almost immediate results. “Blood pressure comes down really quite quickly,” Dr. Arnett explained.