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10 Celebrities that Have Gone Completely Gluten-Free

10 Celebrities that Have Gone Completely Gluten-Free

The gluten-free phenomenon has been around for several years and many people have chosen to go gluten free because of wheat sensitivities, allergies or celiac. People with celiac disease, in particular, have to cut gluten from their diet because of adverse reactions.

Here are the celebrities who have gone completely gluten-free and why they have chosen this path. 

Who has gone gluten-free?

There is a long list of celebrities who have gone gluten-free. While most of them have adopted the diet because of celiac disease or other wheat-related allergies, there are others who are health advocates and just believe in the diet. Here are a few high profile celebs who are totally gluten-free:

1. Katy Perry

Most people don’t know that Katy Perry is actually on a gluten-free diet. Although she has been on and off with her diet, she has been trying her best to stick to it because she developed some sort of gluten allergy back in 2014. Because of that, she has to stay off a lot of food that she loves, especially pizza.

2. Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is another celebrity who has been having all kinds of allergies for as long as she remembers. Of course, a slight gluten allergy has also been one of them. Because of this, she adopted a completely new diet that aims to get rid of any food that has any type of preservative or chemical. She has also incorporated the gluten-free diet into her existing diet as she believes it will help her address those allergies.

3. Jennifer Esposito

The most interesting thing about Jennifer Esposito’s diet is that she was able to turn it into a business. For the longest time, Jennifer Esposito has had celiac disease. The disease resulted in a lot of problems, from minor stomach aches to even bigger issues such as rapid hair loss and even panic fits. Eventually, she had to make a huge change in her diet and totally get rid of gluten totally. Eventually, she became healthier. Because of her struggles, she decided to open up a New York GF bakery that serves gluten-free bread and also spreads awareness for celiac disease.