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10 Celebrities that Have Gone Completely Gluten-Free

Typically, a gluten-free diet is for people with celiac disease and wheat allergies

In a nutshell, a gluten-free diet excludes all food that contains the protein gluten. Some common foods that include gluten are bread, canned soups, pasta, cereal, salad dressings, and barley among others. Originally, the gluten-free diet was made for those who have medical conditions that are related to gluten, such as celiac disease and wheat allergy.

Nowadays though, there are people without gluten-related illnesses who swear by the effectiveness of avoiding gluten on their health. Some of the claimed benefits include more energy, weight loss, and overall a healthier immune system. While there are many who claim how good this diet is for pretty much anyone who wants to try, there is actually little evidence that supports the statement. Of course, if it works for them, then, by all means, they should continue.

Still, most doctors would not recommend a gluten-free diet to those without gluten-related diseases.