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10 Date Ideas That Will Spark the Passion

10 Healthy Date Ideas That Will Spark Passion

10 Date Ideas That Will Spark the Passion

When you've been with your partner for a long time, it's easy to get bored with the same old date routine. 

When two people overcome physical hurdles with one another, it becomes easier for them to turn to each other in times of emotional struggle. It radiates throughout all other areas of your life.

Studies show that exercising with others, for example, boosts how hard you work. So, make it fun; go rock climbing or play badminton to have a new experience together! Closeness in this area will lead to closeness in other parts of your relationship

Stay within your comfort zone

But don't stay too comfortable. We just mean that hang-gliding on a second date might not be such a good idea. Meet in the middle with your partner to prevent discomfort and feelings of awkwardness. If your idea of moderate exercise is running a 5K and his is riding his bike along the beach, pick something you can both enjoy when it comes to heart-pumping activities on a date.

Before you go on a date or recommend any date ideas, you need to be ready.

Aside from the obvious (yes, brush your teeth!) get ready to be conscious and think objectively about yourself and your partner. While you're on the date, ask yourself: Is he/she enjoying this as much as I am? If not, what can I do and how can I help? It may not be such a great idea to ask "Are you having fun?"--Think about it. If your date asked you that, it's just easier to lie if you're having a bad time, to avoid making things awkward. So be conscious of your date's tone, mannerisms, and conversation. Guide things along naturally. 

Going on dates, whether it's your first date, your 20th first date, or your 500th date with your husband or wife, is an opportunity to learn more about your partner. With that in mind, try something you both have never done before. Maybe you'll learn your partner is really good at darts, or yoga. The opportunities really are endless, both in terms of date ideas and in learning more about whoever you're into. 

Absolutely nothing is worse for a relationship than getting bored. It can cause couples to fall out of love, and drive a wedge between them. If you find that you're already bored on the first date, then maybe that isn't really a good sign... but if you go to the same restaurants, talk about the same things, and go to the same places all the time, it's easy to see how boredom can creep in. By the time you notice the boredom, it might already be too late. So bring some passion back into your dates and your relationship.

If you're tired of doing the same thing, read on for some healthy date ideas that are guaranteed to spark passion in your relationship.