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10 Healthy Date Ideas That Will Spark Passion

10 Healthy Date Ideas That Will Spark Passion

When you've been with your partner for a long time, it's easy to get bored with the same old date routine. 

If you're tired of doing the same thing, read on for 10 healthy date ideas that will spark passion in your relationship.

1. Work out together

While some couples swear they will never do this together, working out together is actually extremely intimate and can bring couples together. When two people overcome physical hurdles with one another, it becomes easier for them to turn to each other in times of emotional struggle. It radiates throughout all other areas of your life.

Plus, you'll be boosting the efficacy of your own workout! Studies show that exercising with others boosts how hard you work. So, make it fun; go rock climbing or play badminton to have a new experience together!

2. Take a cooking class

If you guys love sushi, then why not learn how to make it yourself? You can find one of these classes either at cooking schools or even some of your favorite restaurants. Then, you can make your favorite dishes at home! And it will get you both into good eating habits.

Not into sushi? Don't worry, there are tons of other cooking classes available for any kind of food you like - just make sure it's something healthy. Want to make it really exciting for a special occasion like a big anniversary? Take a trip and take a cooking class where you learn how to make their delicacies. Cook up some crêpes in Paris, some pasta in Milan, or some soda bread in Dublin! Plus, we all know that a way to someone's heart is through their stomach, so while you're learning a new skill (and hopefully making some healthy food), you'll also be making your partner fall even more in love with you.

3. Shop at a farmer's market

Farmer's markets are available locally nearly every weekend when the weather’s right, so they are easily accessible, and make for a good day date! If this is a first date, it will be a nice calm place to walk around and learn more about each other. For those who have been together for a while, it can be a nice place to get some fresh air and chat! Plus, a lot of stands have yummy and healthy samples to try.

After, you'll be able to try a new recipe together - or make your signature dish with some fresh ingredients!

Plus, a lot of farmer's markets sell beautiful flower arrangements, and who doesn't love getting flowers on a date? Plus, there are always tons of cute dogs around, and some vendors even offer dog treats - so bring along your canine pal if you have one!

4. Go dancing

Dates are always especially fun when you get to dress up, right? So, put on your dancing shoes and hit the town. If you're an expert dancer, then you can head out to your favorite bar or club and get your groove on. Just make sure you choose a venue that you're both most comfortable at.

However, if you and your date need some instruction, it can be fun to take a new class; who knows, you might be surprised at how good you are. Even if you've already got some moves under your belt, you could try a new type of dance you've never done; the possibilities are endless - salsa, belly dancing, waltz, you name it! You'll be getting fit and sparking passion by moving together with your partner.

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