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10 Healthy Date Ideas That Will Spark Passion

Get creative and sexy with your food

What better way to spark passion with your partner than to get cooking with some natural aphrodisiacs? They're everywhere!

Oysters are famous for their supposed love-inducing quality. If you and your date both like raw oysters, search for an oyster happy hour near you. Or see if you can take an oyster-shucking class! You can eat what you shuck, learn something new about your partner, and rekindle your flame all at once.

Chocolate might be the sexiest aphrodisiac, and the most common. Not to mention the most approachable! You and your partner can do a million things with chocolate. Stay home and make some chocolate-covered strawberries, or take a walk to your favorite chocolatier to try something new. 

When people say they'd like to spice up their love life, maybe they should take themselves literally! Chilis have been proven to raise your heart rate and release endorphins, giving the body and mind a natural high (you'll notice it's the same feeling as an exercise high). These feel-good hormones can be just what you need on your next date night. Cook up some curry or go out to eat for something spicy! Be careful, not too spicy--nobody wants to be sweating and teary-eyed on a date with their partner.

Pomegranate juice has been shown to increase testosterone levels. So grab a bottle from your nearest health food shoppe and look up some cocktail recipes! For a simple and sexy drink, fill champagne flutes almost 1/3 the way with pomegranate juice, then top with champagne and pomegranate seeds.