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10 Reasons Fibromyalgia Patients Need a Therapy Dog

Fees and time

Most trainers or services require a fee of up to $75 at the time you apply for a dog. These fees are non-refundable. A placement fee starting at $1500 is required. Pay this one-time fee in full when you receive your dog. Most charges contain support and additional training for the life of your companionship with your service dog.

There can be additional costs like travel to and from the training facility, hotels, meals outside of training hours, and possible attendant care if needed.

The wait time for being matched with a service dog can take one to two years. It depends on several factors:

  • Most placement services place dogs with younger applicants first.
  • Trainers screen applications in the order they are received. Placement time varies since appropriate matches take time. Placement organizations evaluate the structure, temperament, and strength of the dog with your lifestyle, personality, and assistance needs.

Take heart; the wait times are estimated. Trainers base wait times on your needs and the availability of the right dog. Once a selection has been finalized, you will need to schedule at least two weeks to train with your dog.

A dog’s gifts to its owner are love, loyalty, and service. With a service or therapy dog, your quality of life will improve.