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10 Skin Rashes Linked to Ulcerative Colitis

The best way to manage these skin conditions is to manage your colitis

The best way to manage these skin conditions is to manage your colitis

The inflammation within the body that triggers UC may also affect the skin. This is why many of the aforementioned skin rashes are brought about with UC flare-ups. During a flare-up, it is necessary to:

  • Keep the rash clean in order to prevent the risk of infections
  • Keep the rash covered with a bandage in order to endorse healing
  • Take corticosteroids in order to alleviate inflammation
  • Consult with a doctor if any medication prescriptions are necessary

Stress can also bring about UC flare-ups, which in turn may worsen related skin issues as well. In such instances, mediation or deep breathing exercises may be helpful in reducing stress and thus alleviating breakouts.

A majority of skin issues linked with UC are best treated by managing the disease itself. Some individuals with UC find that maintaining a well-balanced diet and keeping a journal of what foods do and do not aggravate symptoms of UC may be helpful. Others recommend avoiding a diet high in fiber. If a skin rash occurs and it is quite irritating, it is a good idea to consult with a doctor on proper diagnosis and the right form of treatment. If the skin rash keeps getting worse over time or recurs, a doctor can help an individual with UC find the best treatment for their symptoms. Although it is not always possible to identify the exact cause of a UC flare-up, it is necessary to do everything possible to keep UC under control, thereby preventing skin issues and promoting skin health and overall well-being.