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10 Surprising (and Real) Benefits to Exploring Role Playing in the Bedroom

10 Surprising (and Real) Benefits to Exploring Role Playing in the Bedroom

Looking for a way to spice it up in the bedroom, but not sure on how? Ever had a fantasy of being someone else? Why not give role playing a try?

Not only is it fun, but there are 10 amazing benefits one can reap from by just being a little more kinky with their partner.

So go ahead, it's time to get that costume out of your closet and learn the many ways you can benefit from doing some role play!

It's healthy for the relationship

Many people worry that they should be embarrassed of their role playing desires, but this could not be further from the truth. Role playing is an intimate way to explore each other's fantasies and allow yourself to be a little bit vulnerable with your partner. Plus, by pretending to be someone else, in a way you're actually showing your partner who you truly are by showing who you want to be (even if it's only a tiny part of you).

It enhances trust

Caitlyn Caracciolo is a marriage and family therapist specializing in sex therapy, and she explains that one of the benefits to exploring role play in the bedroom is that "role playing is the acting out of your own fantasies or a partner's, and the playing out of a fantasy tends to happen when one feels very safe and secure within a relationship. Role playing can be an excellent indicator of feeling emotionally and physically safe with a sexual partner."

Of course, trust goes both ways. Remember to be open with your partner if they suggest a fantasy as well, just as you would want them to provide a safe and intimate environment when exploring yours.

It can heal

Many don't realize it, but role playing can actually be a very healing experience for both the relationship and the individuals in it. It's easy to get bogged down in our daily lives, stuck at our jobs, etc. That's why it is so important to switch things up sometimes. Role playing allows sexual partners to completely let go, escape their reality, and have some fun. In a way, it can even be considered therapeutic for both parties involved.

It lets you learn more about your partner

While we sometimes get into the habit of believing we know everything about our partners, odds are that we don't. This doesn't mean that they're hiding something from you or anything sinister, but simply that there's always more to explore within a person, and role playing may just be a great way to do so.

Caracciolo explains a common situation of how partners begin to learn more about each other in role play, "one example could be if you're the female in a heterosexual couple and your high-powered financial analyst boyfriend wants you to treat him like a 'bad boy' and spank him -- perhaps this is hinting at a deeper need of his to not be in control and always have it together."