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11-Year-Old Boy Plans to Walk 17 Miles for Lupus UK

11-Year-Old Boy Plans to Walk 17 Miles for Lupus UK

Samuel Taylor, 11, will complete 17-mile walk for Lupus UK. Photo Source:

There are many organizations that organize charity walks and runs.  These events can easily raise money and awareness for the cause that the organization supports.  Most people who walk or run in these charity events train with the anticipation of the challenge.  They work hard to be able to raise money for their cause. When an organization holds an event it typically gains a lot of attention in the community.  Many people come together to make an event happen.  Whether they decide to participate in the race, donate their time to set up, or even donate funds to get the race set up everyone in the community can have a part in the event.

One eleven year old from Bromsgrove has decided to participate in a walk of his own.  This is not typical 5K.  It is not even a 10K.  Instead, Samuel Taylor is determined to walk for seventeen miles the distance from Bromsgrove to Worcester.  On August 22 he plans on beginning this journey.  Not only is he trying to raise money, but his unusually large goal is gaining attention from the community.

Samuel is walking for Lupus.  He is hoping to raise money for the charity Lupus UK.  Lupus UK helps those that are living with Lupus.  They provide many services to those that are in need of help with the disease.        

Their Website has a lot of information about Lupus that can help someone that has been diagnosed.  It also gives people access to ways they can help those that have been diagnosed.  There is information about events like a 5K race to raise money for the organization.

The organization provides information and support to people with Lupus and their families through donations and charity events.  It also works towards better educating others about what Lupus is and how it effects the people with the disease.  They hope to make sure every person with Lupus is able to live their life without any obstacles due to the disease. 

Lupus does not have a cure.  Instead, the symptoms must be treated so the person can continue with their lives as normal as possible.  There are a variety of symptoms that Lupus can present.  It is a disease that affects the immune system.  If a doctor does not know what Lupus looks like it can often go undiagnosed.         

Various Symptoms

With the symptoms of Lupus coming in many shapes and sizes it can be hard for someone to know they have Lupus.  Common symptoms are aches and pains with fatigue.  These two symptoms alone can mean a number of illnesses or conditions.  Many people live with their symptoms for long periods of time without consulting a doctor since they are common. If a doctor is aware of Lupus and its symptoms that can mimic other conditions it is easy to diagnose.  There are specific tests that can be done to find out if a person has Lupus.  The biggest step is the patient seeking help and a doctor that is knowledgeable that Lupus is a possibility.

Lupus is a disease that cannot be cured but the symptoms can be treated.  People are able to live their lives and do what they love after they have been diagnosed.  It is important for them to work closely with their doctor to find what works best for their body.  That being said it is something they will have to work on their whole lives.  Without a cure Lupus does affect everything that a person does.

There are different medications that can help in the treatment of Lupus symptoms.  A doctor must help the patient closely monitor the progress in their condition when testing new medications.  There are some medications that are not recommended for extended use and should only be used for a short duration to help get symptoms under control.   

Samuel has decided to participate on this walk to help support one of his grandparents who has Lupus.  He is hoping the money he raised from this walk will help further the research and education provided by the Lupus UK foundation.  As more knowledge is gained about Lupus better treatments for people like Samuel's grandparent can be developed.  A cure could eventually be derived with more understanding of the condition.

Samuel's Vision

He was hoping to try something that would raise money but would also challenge him.  Walking this far is not typical for Samuel.  In fact, he has never walked this far before.  He is going to have quite the challenge to complete this task.  He has not been training vigorously for this walk.  He hopes that he will be able to complete it within the day. Samuel will not be participating in this walk alone.  His father Daniel has decided he would walk with Samuel.  He wishes to be with Samuel to help support and encourage him to complete his goal.  Daniel and the rest of Samuel's family are extremely supportive and proud of his choices.  Samuel has been able to plan everything for this walk by himself.

He decided on a route for the walk on his own which travels from one town to another over the seventeen miles.  The walk was organized by Samuel with support from his family when he needed it.  Samuel was able to align collecting sponsorship's and setting up a JustGiving page, as well. JustGiving is a website that allows people with a cause to set up a page for people to donate.  The website hopes to help people gain donations in an easy manner so these causes are supported and funded.  The site does charge a fee that is then reinvested into the company to make it better for the next user.

Gaining Community Support

When using the site, it is easy for an organization or non-profit to showcase their cause.  There are many different causes that are advertised and many organizations that are in need of money.  It has a simple design that makes it easy for people to donate to the cause so they are able to raise as much money as possible. 

Samuel has dedication and heart.  He has decided of a lofty goal that is going to help him raise money for an organization that he holds close to his heart.  Even though he has not had training in this type of event he looks forward to the challenge that it will bring.  There is motivation in the fact he is walking for his grandparent who has Lupus. With this motivation Samuel is sure to rally the support of the community.  Many people are looking to donate or sponsor Samuel on his walk for Lupus.  The money that is collected will go towards the Lupus UK foundation to help people that have Lupus.  The memory of Samuel's dedication will surely impact the community.

With this walk he will be able to bring together many people that were not aware of what Lupus was.  As there are more people with knowledge about Lupus more donations and charity events can be organized to further the research for Lupus.  Knowledge is the key to discover better treatments and possibly a cure for this condition.