10. Peter Thiel

Peter Thiel has bought his ticket to be frozen. The Paypal co-founder and billionaire said himself, “In telling you that I’ve signed up for it [cryogenics], there’s always this reaction that it’s really crazy, it’s disturbing. But my take on it is it’s only disturbing because it challenges our complacency.” Here he speaks of our complacency with death. He chooses to fight against death, believing that acceptance and denial aren’t the only route. Thiel has given millions of dollars to his “immortality project,” because he says, “I would like to live longer, and I would like other people to live longer.” Perhaps with people like Thiel in the world, firmly believing in technology and able to fund its growth, this list of celebrities just might have a second fighting chance at life.

Photo: Peter Thiel by JD Lasica