11. Ray Kurzweil

American author, computer scientist, inventor and futurist, Ray Kurzweil is next on the list. Kurzweil stated, “My primary strategy for living through the 21st century and beyond is not to die.” He hasn’t failed to work on finding a solution to death or reviving folks from a frozen states either. Alcor has featured conversations he has had over ten years ago with other scientists on their website. He has been a part of other fascinating conversations on consciousness and what constitutes as identity if we are able to bring bodies back to life. How do we know we won’t be creating mindless zombie people when they are awoken? Kurzweil admits that nothing can yet be proven as far as consciousness, but he’s confident that once people come back and try to convince their loved ones (providing they still have some around), that people will be convinced. At 70 years old this year, Kuzweil is still working hard on not dying and ready to make the leap of faith that his consciousness will follow his body after death.

Photo: Ray Kurzweil by JD Lasica