12. Max More

Philosopher, futurist and activist for life extension technologies, Max More consistently speaks out on cryogenics on behalf of Alcor Life Extension Foundation. In 2011, More became president and CEO of Alcor and has been a member since 1986. "If you think back half a century or so, if somebody stopped breathing and their heart stopped beating we would've checked them and said they're dead," said More. "Our view is that when we call someone dead it's a bit of an arbitrary line. In fact they are in need of a rescue." That is where Alcor comes in, the foundation asks a swift knight in shining armor to cool the body and get back to the storage room as soon as possible. More continues to spend his days writing and speaking on cryonics and the Life Extension Foundation in hopes to take the weirdness out of the topic. A quick google search of “Max More” will lead you in an endless rabbit trail of information on cryonics.

Photo: Max More by Wikimedia Commons