13. Curtis Lovell II

It’s only nature that he who challenges and defies death for fun and pay would be next on our list. International Magician and Escape Artist, Curtis Lovell II became a member of the American Cryonics Organizations in 2006. Happy to get a chance to spread the word on cryonics and shine some light on the subject, Lovell was eager to announce his membership in a press release just after. “I think this will be my greatest stunt ever being frozen and returning to this world in one hundred or so years,” says Lovell. “If I should die during a stunt, it will be continued in about 100 years and invites everyone back to see it.” This could be an even bigger event than cutting Paris Hilton in two on her show, the Simple Life. Perhaps they bonded over saws and frozen hearts during their time together.

Photo: Curtis Lovell II