14. David Pizer

“As long as we still have to die someday, the main reason for living now should to be kill death.” Cryonics activist, ex-Alcor Board member, and former Republican candidate David Pizer, ladies and gentlemen. Pizer was a large part in convincing Alcor to relocate to Arizona back in 1994. The reasoning being there is far less chance of natural disaster to occur there. In 2006, Pizer and his partner Trudi Pizer went to visit Alcor in Arizona. "I want to be with her forever, I mean it," he said during their visit. Despite the $200,000, they have secured their spot to be frozen together forever, until science figures something better out. Since then, Pizer has followed his activism by coordinating the END DEATH Cryonics Convention in 2014. With big money and hardcore activism, perhaps cryonics will catch on to the masses!

Photo: Youtube