7. Britney Spears

Hit me baby, how many more times? Britney Spears is another celebrity that has laid down the $200,000 for a full body cryonic corpse. A friend of Spears was reported saying, “Britney wants to live forever, and the more stories that emerge of this growing industry, the more fascinated she is.” Spears is serious, but her father, Jamie Spears, couldn’t help but laugh and make joke about how she’ll be the next Ice Queen like Elsa from the hit Disney movie Frozen. He feels the money is better left to her two children, however, Britney Spears gets what Britney Spears wants and that is immortality. She joins the rest of the celebrities on the list who cannot resist the idea of coming back for more fame after the world has long forgotten them.

Photo: Britney Spears in Femme Fatale Tour by hnkkk.