8. Dick Clair Jones

Dick Clair Jones, a famous television actor, producer, and writer has been enjoying his stay at Alcor Life Extension Foundation since he died on December 12, 1988. He was a big advocate of cryogenic suspension. So much so, half his estate with to Alcor after his death. According to a source,[He] was an early member of the Cryonics Society of California in the 1960s. In 1982 he contributed $20,000 to the cryonics organization Trans Time so that a husband and wife could remain cryopreserved in liquid nitrogen.” That’s not all, he also sued the California Public Health Service to make sure there would be no issues to have his body taken by Alcor upon death.  To remain anonymous, he sued by the name John Roe. He won his case, which was a big win for all cryonic labs and the rights of bodies after death.