9. Ted Williams

Baseball hall of famer Ted Williams is also chilling in Alcor after his death in 2002. Williams’ son and daughter faced massive ridicule about this decision, not only from the public, but also from their half-sister who said Williams wishes were to be cremated and spread about at the Florida Keys. Claudia Williams finally spoke out years later after writing her book, Ted Williams, My Father, stated, “I can tell you that my family chose cryonics out of love. Our father knew we needed something to hold onto for hope and comfort and when we missed him the most, and if cryonics was the answer, then the solution was simple.” A couple of fun family facts: Williams head and body are stored separately in the cryonic lab. His son, who died two years later, is stored in the same lab. Claudia sees cryonics as another way to keep faith. She believes that if there is a chance to be reunited then she should have the faith it will be so.

Photo: Ted Williams by Wikimedia Commons