Cryogenics after death: An immediate process that completely cools down the body

We know who wants to be frozen upon death, but how does this actually happen? The process needs to begin as soon as the individual is declared dead. Legally, the process may not begin a moment before. Once dead, the body is then put into an ice bath to begin the cooling process. In some cases, CPR is even performed to continue to allow oxygenated blood to be delivered to the cells of the body and brain, so no damage occurs. Once cold enough, the blood is removed and replaced with an anti-freeze liquid. This prevents ice crystals from forming and damaging any tissue of the body. In a cooling chamber, the body is then transported to one of three cryogenic labs in the world. Slowly the body is cooled to a temperature of -110C with nitrogen gas. The body is stored inverted and suspended until science catches up with itself and figure out how to restore life to a frozen corpse and cure whatever condition caused its demise.

Source: Wikipedia.