Cryotherapy: A treatment that aims to benefit the living

Don’t want to wait until your dead? You can freeze yourself now with cryotherapy. This new (to the US) form of therapy is said to help the body heal faster through lower temperatures. How low? The chamber that supplies bursts of liquid nitrogen goes down to -207 to -220 degrees Fahrenheit. The body is tricked into fight or flight mode as soon as the intense cold hits. The benefit of fight or flight is a flooding of the blood with a healing cocktail of increased oxygen, anti-inflammatory proteins, and muscular enzymes. These treatments can also lead to increased overall energy, increased metabolic activity, full body anti-inflammatory benefits, relief from chronic pain and so much more. Added benefits, you can burn 500-800 calories after each treatment! 

Treatments don’t take long either. A patient can be in and out in 15 minutes or less. This is enough time to freeze the skin, shock the body, and allow the healing to begin. 

Source: Cryotherapy at Core Fitness (Vimeo).