Hope and desire: Two reasons why people want to be frozen after death

The short answer to why people want to be frozen after death is: hope. Death always seemed like an inevitable fate, but is it still? Dying from a disease that cannot yet be cured leaves hope that if your body is suspended in time then the medical field will continue to advance and be able to cure the disease. Thus, the body is to be warmed back up in the perfect way (which they also have to discover) and be cured of its ailment. For some, it’s a desire to live forever. For others, it’s a hope that they can be once again reunited with loved ones at a future time. Have you ever been curious what the future will be like in 100 years? Well, now some people believe they might experience it. Again, faith in medicine is the only hope. If you enjoy your life, why not extend it for as long as you can?