7. Opting for diet beverages is not doing your waist a favor

It is not always just about the calories! Research studies on diet beverages (made with artificial sweeteners) and weight gain have shown us that these zero calorie drinks aren’t doing our waist size any favors. Those who are drinking diet beverages daily are slowly gaining weight. Artificial sweeteners are fairly new in town. We’re just now getting to the point where we can study them more closely as people are consuming them consistently for longer periods.

This means, we don’t really know how bad the long term effects will be. We just know it’s already not looking too great. Beyond the unknown, artificial sweeteners are 200-300x more sweeter than sugar itself. That might sound like a benefit, however, this level of sweetness confuses the brain and makes us crave more sweetness more often. If you’re downing the diet sodas you’re more likely to be grabbing more high caloric foods throughout the day!