13. Giving yourself too many restrictions can lead to unhealthy temptations

Food restrictions are great when there are intolerances or health restrictions involved. Dietitians are great resources to help you find what your individual body needs. The flip side to this, many people hear one person say, “Fat is bad for you,” “Gluten makes you weak and tired,” or “I’m a vegan and I’ve never felt better” and off they go cutting out major sections of their diet. When we begin making big changes with limited research and planning we often find ourselves standing in the grocery store wondering, “Well what can I eat?!” Often we’re just hungry and want to grab whatever is most readily available.

Many junk foods and high calorie foods fall into the fad diet restrictions. Many bodies do really need certain food groups and macronutrients to keep up with the individual's lifestyle. If the body feels stressed or at risk it stores fat. So be kind to your body and make changes slowly after you do some research or consult a dietitian.