To be healthy, healthy habits must be made. That's all!

Healthy habits are the only way to overall health, hands down. Start small and begin to integrate in ways to not only eat more healthy, but also to take care of your mental and emotional health too. A few simple ideas to try: Mindful eating is a great way to slow down, relieve stress and still be fed. Even if you found yourself reaching for a cookie take time to enjoy it. Consider setting a timer on your phone for every hour so you can pause for 1-2 minutes to focus on taking deep breaths.

Schedule a short walk into your day, even if it’s around the office but bonus if it’s around nature. Keep fruit and vegetables readily available! Many times they are easy to eat on the go. Take breaks to feel your body and stretch accordingly. Every time you walk outside, look up and notice what you see. Trees, birds and clouds have a way of connecting you back to the natural flow of life. Start small, be consistent and watch your stress and body fat melt away!