11. Over-exerting yourself at the gym may actually be keeping fat on your body

Some may be surprised to hear that over exercising can keep fat on the body. They say too much of anything is a bad thing, even this! When we exercise for extended periods of time our body starts to take drastic measures to ensure that it survives. Physical activity acts as a stressor and when the body feels stressed it releases stress hormones (specifically cortisol). This is meant to help for a short period of time but long and hard workouts persist. The body then decides if it needs to start burning muscle mass and storing fat.

Working out can be a good stress reliever, it’s true, but consider how much stress the body already endures. Mental stress counts here too! If you are feeling stressed for 8 hours at work and then hit the gym hard for an hour or more your body make start to believe it’s in constant danger. What to do? Find balance! Incorporate more breathing techniques throughout your day and make sure you allow the body to have rest.